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"Demand from investors, and the constantly evolving regulatory landscape, has made cybersecurity a top priority for all fund managers.  It is fundamental that firms now respect and incorporate all elements of a strong cybersecurity program into their operations in order to build or maintain a successful investment firm."

- Jason Elmer, Managing Partner

Drawbridge Partners is a a premier cybersecurity software and services firm specializing in the needs of hedge fund and private equity managers. With proven results and extensive industry experience, Drawbridge Partners assists managers with building and maintaining a rigorous cybersecurity program to protect their sensitive data. Cybersecurity, advanced data protection, and a highly secure systems infrastructure are an absolute requirement to ensuring future success in the alternative investment space. Drawbridge Partners will engage in logical, technical, and human processes, which will provide state-of-the-art innovations to create a program that exceeds regulatory guidelines and investor demands.

The Drawbridge Partners Team is carefully designed to cater to the mounting cyber and data security concerns the Financial Services industry is facing.  We offer tailored guidance that will fit your firm’s particular needs and requirements.





The Drawbridge Partners Team serves the following industries.


Hedge Funds   |   Private Equity Funds   |   Venture Capital

Private Equity Portfolio Companies   |   Family Offices

Wealth Managers   |   Fund of Funds   |   Real Estate

Pension Funds   |   Endowments     |     Mutual Funds   |   Sell Side

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