Hedge Funds

Hedge funds need strong cybersecurity programs, policies, and solutions in order to combat the evolving threat landscape and meet rigorous regulatory and ODD requirements. Generic cyber platforms can't effectively support the complex needs of a hedge fund because they were built to support a different business model - one which doesn't account for the nuances of hedge funds. 


Threat and Vulnerability Management

Drawbridge provides hedge funds with industry leading capabilities for cyber program creation and management, threat and vulnerability management, vendor due diligence, among other items in a customized platform specifically created for hedge funds. No matter what type of hedge fund you are, the platform can be easily configured to align with your current ODD and Regulatory requirements.


Drawbridge and Hedge Funds

Manage the complexities of hedge fund cybersecurity programs

Work with key internal and external stakeholders to deliver a custom solution

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities

Meet regulatory requirements

Meet ODD requirements

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