Build Your Cybersecurity Program

According to the Ponemon Institute, security breaches have increased by 11% since 2018 and 67% since 2014. According to Verizon, 43% of breach victims in 2019 were small and medium sized businesses. Having a cybersecurity program is no longer optional no matter what type of business you are.


Track and Organize your Cybersecurity Program


Understanding your Firm’s Requirements

As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations are faced with the challenge of keeping their confidential information and assets secure. Building an effective and sustainable cybersecurity program to best protect your organization requires an understanding of your Firm’s data, infrastructure, controls, and regulatory requirements. Given the nature of data in the modern day business, and the amount of cyber criminals who are after it, Firms are faced with the fact that there is a very strong chance they will suffer from a cybersecurity breach at some point.

Key elements of a strong cybersecurity program

Some key elements of a strong cybersecurity program include:

Policies and Procedures

Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Vendor Due Diligence

Data Protection

Data Governance

Data Privacy

Network Security

Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Incident Response and Management

Cybersecurity Training

The challenge

The challenge is to have a program in place to prevent as many breaches as possible, and have a strong enough program in place to respond to a cyber incident once it has occurred, and effectively return the Firm to business as usual.

Bridge the Gap

It is no longer sufficient to think that cybersecurity is just a function of IT. It is important to successfully bridge the gap between IT, Security, and Compliance, while taking the human element into strong consideration. Human behavior (often employee negligence) is the biggest threat to the Firm when it comes to being a victim of a cybersecurity breach.

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