Data Privacy Services

Does your firm meet Regulatory requirements?

With privacy breaches on the rise, enforcement agencies have increased the pressure on firms to protect consumer data. Whether your firm processes a small or large volume of personal data, regulatory requirements remain the same across the board. The Drawbridge Partners' team will help you build a privacy program customized to your firm's needs and priorities.

Our services are not limited to a single set of privacy laws or data regulations.

The Drawbridge Partners' team can assist your firm with meeting the requirements of, but not limited to, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), state privacy regulations (i.e., Massachusetts, California, Colorado), or Regulation S-P.

an effective privacy program

requires that data flow and management be understood and organized.

Improve or Build your Privacy Program

In order to build an effective privacy program, data flow and management must be understood and organized. The Drawbridge Partners' team will work with you to identify:

  1. Employees and third parties who have access to your personal data, and
  2. Procedures and tools used or needed to protect your personal data, and
  3. The strengths and risks in your data management processes

The Drawbridge Partners' team will help improve or build your privacy program through the following services:

Conducting data inventory exercises to identify and document who has access to your data, where it is stored, and how it is protected

Conducting assessments to identify risks in your data management processes and providing recommendations for improving your security measures or privacy practices

Conducting vendor due diligence on the third parties with access to your personal data to identify risks in their privacy program

Preparing or updating your privacy policies and notices

Guiding your business through cross-border transfer requirements such as, certification under the Privacy Shield, preparing standard contractual clauses, or any other compliance solutions

Planning and developing incident response and recovery procedures specific to privacy-related breaches

Providing ongoing advisory guidance and services