Ongoing Cyber Advisory Services

Maintain Your Program and its processes

Once your firm has developed a strong and efficient cybersecurity program, you will want to ensure it is maintained effectively.

The Drawbridge Partners team assists our clients with ongoing guidance regarding cybersecurity, general technology inquiries, regulatory audit assistance, investor due diligence, and providing virtual CISO functionality for your firm.

Virtual Ciso, Ongoing Training, and Oversight

In an effort to keep your firm’s employees aware of the constant cyber-threat, our team will act as your firm’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer. As a part of this role, we will conduct ongoing training sessions and social engineering exercises to ensure your employees are prepared for any cyber-related event.

Ongoing technical oversight of your firm’s network and its endpoints is also critical to ensure your environment is secure from threats. Drawbridge Partners will conduct vulnerability scans on your firm’s network using the most innovative tools, at varying frequencies, both internally and externally. Our team will use multiple software solutions to ensure we are searching as extensively as possible for potential vulnerabilities that could end in potential exploitation.


Drawbridge Partners

will provide immediate assistance with coordination efforts in the event of an incident.

Incident Response and Tabletop Exercises

A robust cybersecurity program and ongoing maintenance aren’t assurances against a cyber-attack. There is always a possibility that your firm may face a compromise.

Testing your plan through a Tabletop Exercise with key stakeholders, on an annual basis, is essential to avoid confusion or an improper response during an incident. The team at Drawbridge Partners will make certain your firm knows how to respond in the event of an incident.

In the event of a compromise, Drawbridge Partners will be available for your firm. We will coordinate all efforts in activating your incident response procedures and ensuring all appropriate parties are involved. Our network of strategic partners responsible for response efforts and forensic review will assist in this process.

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