Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

The Drawbridge Partners' Team will work with your organization to evaluate your IT infrastructure and security by safely trying to exploit the vulnerabilities that are found. A penetration test is a simulated cyber attack against your network to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

We will perform a penetration test on your organization by using a combination of manual and automated technologies to attempt to compromise servers, applications, endpoints, web applications, mobile devices, network devices, wireless networks, wireless devices and other potential entry points from which your firm could be vulnerable. On occasion, we will also use social engineering tactics to test the human element, as often this is the most vulnerable point of attack in any organization.

Penetration testing is a good way to evaluate the effectiveness of preventative technologies and controls that the firm has put into place to defend against a cyber attack.

We will present

your organization with a comprehensive report for key personnel to review

Penetration Test Reporting

Once the test is complete, we will present your organization with a comprehensive report for key personnel to review. The report will include any security vulnerabilities found and exploited during the testing window. The Drawbridge Partners' Team will provide strategic advisory on prioritization and remediation for each vulnerability exploited.

Penetration testing allows an organization to manage vulnerabilities and remediation, avoid potential downtime of any systems or networks and the costs associated with this downtime, meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines, and preserve firm reputation and investor loyalty.

Penetration tests should be performed on an annual basis, or if/when some of the below items occur:

New network or infrastructure additions are made

Upgrades or mass changes to systems or applications are made

Firm policies are modified

New Office locations are introduced to the Firm

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