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Employees: the first line of defense

As your firm grows in its connectivity and technological capabilities, so does the frequency and sophistication of social engineering attacks, specifically phishing. The importance of employee awareness within your firm has never been greater. Firms with the most secure IT infrastructures and controls are still at risk if their employees fall prey to social engineering.

Your employees are the first line of defense against breaches.

We Will Deliver

 A cybersecurity training & awareness program that fits your organization while meeting investor and regulatory expectation

Implement a cybersecurity Training Program

Our team will work with you to develop a customized cybersecurity training and awareness program that is tailored to fit your firm's size and needs. Our training program will educate your employees on specific cybersecurity risks facing your firm and the proper management protocol to be followed.

Employees will learn to identify critical data, specific risks, proper password security and guidelines. In addition, our team will review common cyber incidents, including phishing attempts and ransomware. Finally, we will highlight the specific policies in place at your firm pertaining to information security.

Our training program can be conducted live or hosted online.  As a part of our program, our team will perform targeted mock phishing attacks on your firm. These mock attacks will assist in determining whether employees are accessing emails with caution. The results from our phishing exams will offer greater insight into your firm’s overall awareness, help our team determine the best approach to your firm's training, and serve as the basis for future training scenarios.

Sharing results of phishing exams and training exercises, along with your firm’s improvements, to regulators will indicate that your firm has prioritized cybersecurity and is creating a security-first approach to confidential firm data.

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