Phishing & Training

Employees: the first line of defense

As phishing attacks have becoming increasingly more commonplace, the need for employee awareness within your organization has never been greater. The strongest IT infrastructure and controls will only go so far.

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyberattacks and breaches.

We will deliver

A cybersecurity training & awareness program that fits your organization while meeting investor and regulatory expectation

Implement a cybersecurity Training Program

The Drawbridge Partners' team will work with you to develop a customized cybersecurity training and awareness program that is appropriately sized for your firm.  Our training program will educate all employees on the cybersecurity risks facing your firm and the proper management protocol to be followed.

Employees will learn to identify critical data, risks, proper password security and guidelines, and common cyber incidents including phishing attempts and ransomware, as well as highlighting the particular policies in place at your company pertaining to information security.

Our training program can be web based or live.  The Drawbridge Partners' team will also conduct targeted phishing attacks.  These exercises will determine whether employees are checking emails with caution.  The results of these phishing exams delivers greater insight into your organizations overall awareness, helps to determine the best approach to your training, and serves as the basis for future training scenarios.

Highlighting the ongoing improvement of employee reactions to phishing exams and being able to share this information with regulators and investors is a great way to indicate your firm has made cybersecurity a top of mind concern.

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