Regulatory Program Development

Develop a Robust Cybersecurity Program

With heightened regulatory scrutiny on hedge funds, private equity managers, and all other registered investment advisors regarding firm level cybersecurity risk posture, developing a robust cybersecurity program is critical.  Drawbridge Partners' team of legal and compliance professionals, coupled with our cybersecurity experts, will help your firm develop, enhance or transform its program.

We will deliver

A cybersecurity program that meets the requirements and guidelines set forth by regulators and investors.

The steps to improving an existing program starts with a gap analysis:

If your firm already has policies in place, our team will conduct a desktop review of all your documentation relating to cybersecurity, compliance, and general technology information.

This review allows Drawbridge Partners to provide your firm with a deliverable that highlights the strong measures your firm has in place, the practices you may want to enhance, and important procedures in place that your cyber policies may be excluding.

The goal of this exercise to improve the effectiveness of your current program.

Building a program from the ground up:

In order to secure your firms' environment, first, a cybersecurity program that outlines the practices your firm plans to adhere to needs to be in place.

No two firms are identical, therefore, the Drawbridge Partners' team will first need to gain an understanding of your business. Speaking to key personnel at your firm, and reviewing documentation of vendors your firm works with, is crucial to the creation of the program.

The Drawbridge Partners' team will develop a customized program for you, regardless of your current program's maturity level.  Our goal is to develop a program that your firm will confidently present to regulators and investors, while at the same time creating an outline for the firm to follow, ensuring your environment is secure.

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