Manage Regulatory Requirements

DrawbridgeConnect allows you to evaluate, meet, and exceed what regulators are looking for.

Firms must adopt robust cybersecurity programs to meet regulatory requirements

Regulators have elevated expectations of hedge funds, private equity managers, and all other registered investment advisors, specifically regarding cybersecurity practices. Financial market regulators, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), completed more examinations in 2019 than they had in 2018, with cybersecurity remaining a top examination priority. As the financial industry becomes more connected with technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart electronics, firms must adopt robust cybersecurity programs.


Document Your Regulatory Progress

The SEC, NFA and FCA have been active in setting forth requirements for member Firms to follow. The following items have been most closely scrutinized:

Governance and Risk Management

Access Rights and Controls

Vulnerability Management

Incident Response

Vendor Management

Training and Awareness

It's Time to Mature Your Security Posture

DrawbridgeConnect allows Firms to centrally manage their programs while continuously maturing their security posture to meet the requirements their regulators have set forth.

Download the latest Regulatory Cyber Documents


  • NFA-Cybersecurity-Requirements

    NFA Cybersecurity Requirements

  • 2014-OCIE-Cybersecurity-Risk-Alert

    2014 OCIE Cybersecurity Risk Alert

  • 2015-OCIE-Cybersecurity-Risk-Alert

    2015 OCIE Cybersecurity Risk Alert

  • 2017-OCIE-Cybersecurity-Risk-Alert_Ransomware

    2017 OCIE Cybersecurity Risk Alert Ransomware

  • 2017-OCIE-Cybersecurity-Risk-Alert

    2017 OCIE Cybersecurity Risk Alert

  • OCIE-2019-Priorities

    2019 OCIE Priorities

  • 2020 OCIE Cybersecurity and Resiliency Observations

    2020 OCIE Cybersecurity and Resiliency Observations

  • ocie-ransomware-alert

    2020 OCIE Ransomware Alert

  • sec-risk-alert-spet-2020

    SEC Risk Alert Safeguarding Client Accounts against Credential Compromise


  • Cyber-and-Technology-Resilience

    Cyber and Technology Resilience

  • Cybersecurity-Industry-Insights

    Cybersecurity Industry Insights

  • Cybersecurity-Industry-Insights

    FCA Cyber Security Industry Insights

  • Foundation-for-Good-Cybersecurity

    Foundation for Good Cybersecurity

  • Guidance-for-Firms-Outsourcing-to-the-Cloud-&-Third-Party-IT-Services

    Guidance for Firms Outsourcing to the Cloud & Third-Party IT Services

  • NCSC-10-Steps-To-Cyber-Security

    NCSC 10 Steps To Cyber Security

  • Network-Security-Basics

    Network Security Basics

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