Risk Assessment Services

Identifying vulnerabilities and readiness

Regular cybersecurity risk assessments are imperative to assure regulators, investors, and board members that your firm is protecting and managing confidential data correctly and in the most prudent manner possible.

The team at Drawbridge Partners will conduct a risk assessment of your firm which will assess aspects of your firm’s information technology infrastructure. Comparing your firm’s infrastructure against regulatory requirements and guidelines, as well as industry best practices, will allow us to create a comprehensive assessment of your current state and guide your firm on a path to improvement.  We will provide you with a report which your firm can use to enhance cybersecurity practices and assist with remediation of any deficiencies.

Through interviews with key personnel, a review of the firm’s existing cybersecurity procedures, and a technical analysis of the firm's environment, the Drawbridge Partners' team will identify areas of potential risk in your program.

Our Risk Assessment

assesses your firm's cybersecurity practices based on regulatory requirements and industry best practice

Providing Practical Recommendations

The risk assessment provides practical recommendations for improving areas of weakness as well as identifying the strengths in your firm’s cybersecurity controls and practices.

Drawbridge Partners' Team recommends a risk assessment be conducted annually (at a minimum) to evidence material changes and improvements to your firm’s technology environment, physical security controls, and information security practices.


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