Secure your data outside of your organization

Ensure your third party vendor cybersecurity practices meet your standards and industry standards.

Find your Weakest Links

Even with the most robust security program in place, your firm’s data is only as secure as the weakest vendor with access to your data.

The vendors outside your walls also have access to your data, therefore it is critical to ensure their cybersecurity practices meet yours and industry standards. Drawbridge Partners will assist your firm with this process.


Due Diligence is Expected

U.S. federal regulators are more aware of cybersecurity risks than ever and various agencies have issued cybersecurity guidelines and standards.

With data security having become a hot button topic for regulators and investors, oversight of your third parties who have access to your sensitive data is no longer simply best practice but rather expected.  Extensive due diligence of third parties is no longer optional; it is required.


Manage the vendor due diligence process from end to end

Gain insight into the current state of your vendors’ cybersecurity programs and where the Firm may have data risk that lies outside of your organization.

Step One

Send Due Diligence Questionnaires

Efficiently send due diligence questionnaires directly from DrawbridgeConnect, and track which vendors have been sent DDQs.

Step Two

Aggregate and Track Data

Responses to due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) are delivered back to DrawbridgeConnect, making it easy to aggregate and track data in one organized place.

Step Three

Manage Information and Responses

Directly from DrawbridgeConnect, you are able to communicate with your third party vendors, ensure all responses are complete and keep the data in one centralized location. 

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