Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability assessments are one of the best ways to ensure your network and its endpoints are secure. The Drawbridge Partners team will identify and evaluate your firm’s potential internal and external risks with a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment. Once we have concluded each vulnerability assessment, our team will provide your firm with a detailed report, including perceived vulnerabilities as well as recommendations for remediation.

The scanning technology and tools used by our team to conduct vulnerability assessments are, by design, nonintrusive. Our vulnerability scans will gather information on your surrounding network and identify known vulnerabilities that could put your firm's systems and infrastructure at risk. Prompt remediation of known vulnerabilities is imperative to creating an effective cybersecurity program.

Connect-R is the new vulnerability Management standard

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMAAS) is secure, reliable, and easy with Drawbridge's Connect-R™ platform.

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An Organized Approach

Vulnerability assessments are vital to the security of an organization and should be conducted on a regular basis. Drawbridge Partners will help you determine what scanning frequency is best for your firm. The creation of an ongoing program which ensures remediation steps are taken and that newfound vulnerabilities are scanned for, is the best way to protect your firm.

Once our team identifies perceived vulnerabilities, we will then provide you with a report ranking the detected vulnerabilities based on their severity. Your firm will be equipped to detect and remediate vulnerabilities before a bad actor can exploit them.

Establishing a proper vulnerability management program will better prepare your firm for the ever-present cyber threat.

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